October 26, 2017

Serious Down-sizing

I've been downsizing a lot since my last post. And I've also been out in the garden repotting plants and moving them around too.

I've got markets coming up, and there's something I'm really good at - packing everything I need into small spaces. And this week is no acception.

Yesterday, I was off to Vinnies at Underwood to donate 2 bags of goodies - a double bed sheet and some cds, and in the other bag books I don't read - and I took a wander around the store. There had been a deceased estate and it was filled with some great things.

From a $25 6ft Christmas Tree (without a box - why there was no box, I'll never know) to a badly-cared for carved leather handbag, to a 6-cup Corningware coffee pot (which I did nab) for just $10, that place was filled with all kinds of goodies for me to look at... but of course I'm always looking for the bargains, not just something - anything to buy - for the house.

Yesterday, I came home with 3 things: the Corningware coffee pot (in mint condition - never been used), a brand new tapestry frame and a Monte Mart table easel for displaying work; all of which came to the grand total of $13! How very cool is that? 

And yet, I was only there to look... it's always good to buy something you need and something you collect as well. 

When I arrived home, I found that the large donation box I had by the door was looking tired and was getting in the way. So, I've emptied out and taken it up to the big recycling bin; and I have replaced it with a smaller Donation Box instead. Everything can fit in it - and it fits in the car nicely - and all I do is load it up with bags of things, carry it out to the car and then bring it home. I don't take that box into the store with me, though, it stays in the car.

It's my 14th donation to charity this year... and I'm darned proud of breaking my record from last year of 9 donations. pretty good, eh? And I'm not finished... I'll be whittling things down until I have only what I need in the house - and things that will be going to my next place with me. 

Well, time for the Weekend Challenge! 

It's time to sort out your goo collection in your bathroom... yep, your shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and soaps you don't use; or you're 'saving for a visitor'. Get a rubbish bag, take a really good look at what you're not using (yes this includes bubble baths and bath bombs too) and then, toss them into the bag, and out into the bin outside! Go back into the bathroom, give it a good wipe-over and look in the place where that goo collection was... don't you feel so much better? Yep, so did I when I cleaned out that goo collection! This will only take around 10 minutes to do... so, off you go! 

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