December 29, 2017

Preparing For 2018

After the huge purchase of the hall stand last week, I have stayed away from op-shops - on purpose. They aren't a bad thing for me... it's just that it's a big thing to buy and I need to save a little bit of money right now.

And besides, it was my whale - so to say - to have in my life (yep, a Moby Dick reference there). 

So, I'm in preparation mode this week.

I've been out at Variety1 to pick up a box or two so I can sort out my craft gear in the top of my wardrobe - as it's a mess. It'll be all sorted, placed in certain boxes and those boxes will be labelled and replaced back into the wardrobe so I can see what's inside them and I can pick them out as I need them. 

This means I can also put away the pillows and blankets which are now occupying the floor of my bedroom. 

And next year, I'm also hoping to work on my home office a lot more... yes, this year, I didn't get as far as I hoped in it. I got somewhere with it, but not as far as I wanted to - which was to get it completely organised and tidy. 

Pity. I was hoping it would be better than it is now. 

But there's always next year, right?

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