March 06, 2018

Book Collection Clean-Out

I love books as much as the next person, but there does come a time when the good ol' book collection needs a clean out and the bookshelves need a dusting.

Now, last week, I helped out a friend at Sunnybank with her collection; and this time, it was my turn to ask for help from another friend of mine who's wonderful at helping me out with decluttering - but this time, we had to just sort through what I was and wasn't reading. 

No biggie right? 

Um... not really.

As I climbed the ladder to upper-most books, I found some that I hadn't seen in such a long time, I'd forgotten they were around! 

So, down they came from that top shelf and I sorted through them in to the 'Yes I'll keep', 'Not Sure' and 'Donate' piles. First though, I sorted out the series of books and figured out which ones I'd like to read - and which ones I won't be getting into... and found a series Mum asked me about by Robin Hobb; which I set aside for her. 

Once I had all the books down and I sorted them into those piles, I went to work looking at what knowing what I wanted at a glance, and what I didn't want immediately. I put the books I wished to read over the next year or so at the front of the shelf and ones I'll look at next time at the back - with the larger books on the bottom and the smaller ones towards the top - as they do when building a pyramid. 

Over the next three or four hours, we worked through not only my own collection, but the books I had acquired last Wednesday and found that I had grabbed books there I didn't need as well. I've put them off to one side to give away too. 

By the end of the afternoon, I had filled 3 boxes and was happy with the books I had parted with in them. I had also pulled a pile of books together for a sci-fi reading friend as well (as he knew I was going to sort out my collection; and is always on the lookout for new reading material, knowing that mine is some of the more interestingly out-there kind). 

So, how do you sort through your books? Or are you the more hi-tech kinda person and keep all your reading material on a Kindle or Kobo? Let us all know about your collection and how you keep it. 

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