April 27, 2018

Weekend Challenge

I've been lazy in the Weekend Challenges - but I'm feeling better after my stay in hospital. And even though it was just one day, the stuff they use to knock you out takes weeks to get out of your system. 

So, I'm going to challenge you to do something this weekend which may make you feel either uncomfortable or good about yourself.

This weekend challenge is: look at one of your major collections and organise it so you can walk up to it and know exactly what's in it. If this means having to put some of it into storage boxes, so be it. If you have to give some of it away to charity, that's good too. But take it out, pull it apart in every way and make sure you know what goes back.

As I've said in previous challenges this can take 10 minutes or it can take all weekend. I'm going to go through my book collection again this weekend and organise what's going to go into a 5kg bag for a friend in Melbourne. I'll be organising his bookbag next week and posting it off at that time too. This will hurt me in a way I'm not comfortable with, but it's going to help me as well. 

Now, I think there should be another, second challenge, too. A nice little one called 'The Quick Clean'...this is one you can choose to do or not. Find a place in your house which has been neglected and do a quick clean of it. Wash, vacuum, dust and clean that area up. Make this take about half an hour... if it takes longer, you've left it too long. 

Okay, you've got your Weekend Challenges - pick one or both to have a go at! I'm doing them both! I hope you enjoy them; and I'll be getting back into the Weekend Challenges after this week to keep us all in check with our homes. Keep us posted about what you've achieved with your decluttering and cleaning - your successes as well as your setbacks - as every little bit does help everyone else. 

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