June 01, 2018

Weekend Challenge

This week has been busier than usual. 

I've had to pay for my license and look through the house for clothes to wash... yeah wash day is an ongoing thing when you live on your own. 

Otherwise, I'm getting into op-shopping again, and decluttering my home office in a big way as well. The books are looking great and I've picked up my new pair of glasses - they had their lenses replaced - and am now reading more and faster than I did before. 

In the coming two months, the back yard is going to have a complete and total facelift as the broms will be pulled out and replaced with a lovely rose. I'll be planting a couple of Avocado seeds and I'm looking at repotting a few other plants into bigger pots as well and buying myself a proper green house. This means saving up money in a big way in my sludge account; and saving money on groceries as well.

Anyway, this weekend, the challenge is a simple one: if you have a movie collection, on dvd, collect them together and buy a large index book. Write them all into the book in alphabetical order (yep, this one will take a bit of time). Then, get in find the movies which are trilogies or two-parters... and put them together with a rubber band. Keep the television shows with the big franchise movies and the stand-alone movies separate and put the index book in a place where you can find it easily. So, when movie night comes by - and there's nothing on Netflix you want to watch - you can flick through your Movie Book and find your pick of movie, and really can find your pick of movie within minutes for the night; especially if you're out to do a movie marathon. 

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