January 28, 2017

Bathroom Clean-Out

Just like everything in life, I find that the bathroom is the most neglect room. It's also the most mouldy, disgusting and strangest room to clean out. 

You find the yukkiest stuff hiding in the back of the cupboard! Honestly you do!

From the old shampoo and conditioner you bought when you had that perm five years ago, to the bubble bath you bought for your 5-year-old niece (who didn't even use it - and now they're in high school), you'll have to clean out your bathroom and make sure you give it good spritz from top to bottom with air freshener. 

First things first: you must give your toilet (if you have one in your bathroom) a good clean. Wear gloves and make sure you have the window open. A lot of cleaners you put in a toilet have bleach in their and are not good for you if you inhale them. 

You wash the floor last... after all, you'll be walking around on it all day with your feet and shoes cleaning dirt and dust off everything. 

Clean you toilet, your vanity and your shower and bathtub. Take your time - it's not a race. Wash the towels - floor towels and all - as it'll be nice to have them back in while you're cleaning the room out.

Then, once the usual cleaning is done, get some rubbish bags and bin and make sure you have access to a bedroom. Yep, you're pulling out all those bath towels! But, go shelf by shelf... don't pull them all out and then realise you've taken on a job bigger than Ben Hur! Take on one shelf at a time, figure out the pairs and which towels are frayed and don't match and aren't as absorbent as they used to be. 

These old towels go into a rubbish bag for an animal shelter near you. These shelters use the old bath towels as bedding for dogs and cats - just make sure they're nice and clean and your animal shelter will love you. I do this every year and drop a large bag off to the RSPCA in my area.

Once you've got one shelf done, go in and clean that shelf off with spray'n'wipe or vinegar and make sure it's all clean and then put the towels back in nice and neat.
Each shelf will be different. You'll have hair accessories, hair dryers, curling irons and other things for the bathroom. Allocate a shelf for each thing you think will be needed and you'll have it all done in no time.
Some of the cupboards don't reach the ceiling. This is where a ladder comes in handy. Now, you clean up there before you clean anywhere else, because it'll be really dusty up there and a lot of the times the dirt will get a bit of liquid into it and dribble down the inside of the doors. To save on double-handling the cleaning of the doors, do the top first, then work on the inside of the closet. 

Then, there's the medicine cabinet above the vanity. I found that instead of having a First Aid Kit on top or inside the cabinet underneath, allocating a shelf for first aide is a lot easier and faster to find things. So long everything is in date and up on the top shelf (away from little hands), you'll have a great place for your first aide things to stay when you need them in a hurry. Plus you won't be trying to pull things out to find a box, it'll all be there for you to see at any time.

Once the linen closet and medicine cabinet is all done - and underneath the vanity as well - you can wash the floor and splash back. Then, once the floors are dry, it's time to put the floor towels down again, the one around the toilet and the bath towels back on the racks. And doesn't it look lovely? You know you've done a great thing - and the next time you have a shower, and you need a towel, you're not rummaging around looking for a towel. You can just reach into the closet and find one. 

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