September 08, 2017

Home Office Declutter

I know! I know! I've done this one before; and I've said it to you as well, I'd come back and hit one of these places once in a while just in case the decluttering gets kinda... well... you know: recluttered again. 

Now, that's a word for ya: recluttered. 

Yeah, my home office was tidy at one point in time - I don't remember when - and now, it's back to being an absolute pig stye again! 

Well, yesterday, I went off to Office Works and looked around for storage solutions and found myself looking at archive boxes.

Pretty boring, right? Wrong! When you think of archive boxes, you think of those beige, dingy boxes which hold files in an office... they're not pulled out except around tax time, or when you're really looking for a certain something. Well, Office Works have them in that horrible colour - or in all the colours of the rainbow! 

I picked a lovely royal purple colour and then went in search of file folders and manilla folders to work with. And what I found in the way of that was astounding! I found manilla folders, as well as other types of folders - in every colour imaginable! I was there for around fifteen minutes having fun picking out a collection of colours for this box... and yet I hadn't even put it together yet!

I ended up at my parents' house and Mum helped me put the box together (yeah, I'm not great at following instructions - but Mum's good at that part of the archive box thing.). Once we got it all put together, and I put the folders inside it, it was looking very smashing indeed!
But it wasn't until I got it home and started filling it up with my things that it really started to take shape - and I realised I did need a second archive box; and a couple of other colours too!

Yes, all my banking and bills are going to go into a different coloured box or two! But I'm going to have to wait until another day to purchase those boxes. Until then, I'll be working on which bills are which, which bank statements are which and getting it all into date order. Sounds like it'll take a while, but it won't. 

By the time I get it all into the archive boxes, the home office will be tidier and there'll be less of a mess on the floor and I won't be using the synthetic bags for the storage of those things anymore. This is just the beginning of my home office clean out... in more ways than one! 

And this time, it'll be permanent too!

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