September 24, 2017

Office Clean-Out - 2 1/2 Hours

Yesterday afternoon, it was a very hot time of day. So, I plugged in the air-conditioner, grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and settled in for a good few hours of cleaning out of this here home office again.

Yep, I started on it last weekend or so, and it was left alone for a while - then the mess in here began to really bug the crap out of me.

So, yesterday, I jumped in feet first and really got into one of the bags and tossed out a full bag of receipts that needed shredding; and a bag full of rubbish - that's 2 bags of crap that's been sitting around the place in 'Green Bags'. I then opened up the purple boxes and started adding to them. These purple boxes (just a reminder) are about my life, school, and about me - they're personal things that go into them. Like the fishing competition certificate I scored when I was 7-years-old at Brunswick Heads... my fish wasn't big enough to get into the finals, but it was big enough for me to land on my own (around the 40cm mark if I remember right) and for a little kid like me that a huge!

Then, there were a few paid bills, a couple of bank statements and other things which were added to the yellow bag filled with bank statements and paid bills to be sorted out. I'm going to pull together all of these first then sort them out... it'll be easier for me to file in the end.

Otherwise, I grabbed the three boxes I have under my big block poster of 'What Dreams May Come' and sorted out my bookmarks, postcards and cards. I found that putting the cards - for people - into the black box was best, as I'm always buying blank cards and forgetting to use them; especially at Christmas-time. Then, there's cards from people I get; and love to keep (and I've got ideas for a lovely collage in the future too). Then, there's the bookmarks I can't fit in to the box on top of my desk... yep, there's a box filled with bookmarks and yet, I didn't buy a single one of them. I received those from a project I was doing in 2008, and got more than I expected from everyone on Bookcrossing. 
Well, I had to store them somewhere - and that somewhere was a in a box. So, I have another 40 or 50 bookmarks in that box I've yet to use. I don't think I need to buy or grab another free bookmark for the rest of my days on this planet - honestly, I don't.

By the end of the two and half hours, I had one bag of rubbish, one bag for shredding, had sorted out some of my high school things into a folder marked accordingly, found more bank statement and paid bills, and cleared my Reading Chair and its table next to it! Woah, that's a lot in that short amount of time! 

The Home Office is the last room in my townhouse which really does need a lot of TLC; and this is why it's taking me so long to work on it. This place also has all my personal gear here too... I know that sounds bad, but really, I should have done this years ago, but I didn't. So, learn by my mistakes and don't let your archiving and compiling of personal gear go too late. Do it now and early, so you can just add to it when you want to and need to. 

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