May 26, 2017

The Plans of Mice and Men

As with a lot of plans, not everything this week has turned out the way I planned. My sofa-bed didn't end up being picked up by any charity I had in mind. Nobody wanted to buy it or take it off my hands for nothing. And I couldn't just leave it outside my unit/townhouse complex (as that's illegal in my area). 

Nope. I thought the Browns Plains Smart Tip would take it off my hands... but oh, was I in for a surprise there! 

Dad and I arrived there and the guy at the weigh station asked if anything was wrong with the lounge and we said, 'A small tear.' he said, 'Nah, they won't take that, it has to be dumped.' 

I mean... what????

Aren't we supposed to be trying not to adding to the landfill? 

As you can well imagine I was mad as all hell after we dumped it. There wasn't anything wrong with the lounge... just that 20cm tear in the top of one of the arms. How pathetic can it get?

It's taken me over 24 hours to really get over this. I've never felt so let down over how society's ego can be so big over a tiny tear in a 30 year old lounge. Exactly what do they expect me to do, spend $3,000 on it then sell it for $300? I don't think so!

Well, today, I slept in because I felt so exhausted and had had nightmares about all the fruit'n'veggie places I visit normally being filled with oranges and lemons (things I can't eat) and a city burning down while I stood by and watch and everyone else panicked, screaming and running around me. I woke up exhausted and didn't want to get out bed.

When I got some of the housework done, I looked at my Donation Box and found a lot of the things in it could be donated, some of the things in it could be recycled and a little could just be tossed in with the general waste. Once it was all sorted out, I packed the car and went off to the local Vinnies and donated it all... yes, I felt better. Then, I found 2 pairs of jeans, a work basket, a lovely set of coasters and a gorgeous decanter... all up, I spent $24. Not a bad day at the Vinnies at Underwood. I could have easily bought all the craft gear there... as there was a deceased estate of it all there sitting on a table.

But I'm trying to keep my craft gear to a minimum; and I'm more looking at collecting oil paints and brushes than glue gun glue and beads. So, I was good today. 

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