January 28, 2018

Art Area Clean-Up - Part 1

Being an artist isn't a clean and tidy hobby - and being one in a townhouse, is even messier than you'd think. 

However, in 2015, my Dad and I built a workbench for me - one that I designed - and fitted it into my townhouse and it's serving me so well that once in a while I had to clean it up and make sure it stays functional.

And yesterday was the day I got in and started the first phase of the clean-up - yes part 1 of the mess I called my art area.

It took me around 3 hours - between 2pm and 5pm and I'm darned proud of how far I got with it. 

First off, I cleaned off the top shelf hanging over the bench itself and had a good look at what things I had stored in the two plastic containers - to see what needed throwing out.
Then, I put everything from the art area which could be moved easily into the living room or the kitchen. Then, I looked inside all the buckets and containers which were on the top shelf and found better homes for the items inside each one. 
Any ceramic plates, bits of plastic and other things I didn't recognise were thrown away - seeing the plates were chipped and unusable. Then, looking over the back of the three-set of drawers, I found there was a ton of space there, and I pushed them back against the wall and have found more space for me in front of it. 


Getting the ladder out, I cleaned off the empty shelf so I had a nice new surface to put away things and sort out what I needed to keep that shelf uncluttered with items and yet still be able to reach for what I needed when I needed it. 

I found I had over 200 sprung pegs to paint (yep, I overbought supply) and a huge amount of dolly pegs as well. And I also have a nice little collection of canvas boards of all sizes. I also have no need for new brushes - as I seem to have overbought on them as well; as a good artist does. 

Once I got it all pulled back together, put my easel back, the right things tossed into the Donation Box and ready to be sent off to the charity of my choice, it was almost 5pm and the vinyl I had been playing finished. 

What an afternoon! I had gone through 2 bottles of ice cold water and there was 1 large rubbish bag by the garage door to throw out. Yes, this was a great success for a first go at my art area - but will be another afternoon of me attacking it soon. 

Oh! Photos! How could I forget the photos! Here they are! 

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