January 31, 2018

Art Area Clean-Up - Part 2

Yesterday, I got in and cleaned up the next part of my art area. Because it's so cluttered with junk, it's going to take a few rounds to get it done.

Well, this time, I attacked the bench itself. 

I took everything off it, storing it all in my kitchen, and pulled out the cleaners and scrubbed off as much paint and glue as I could with paper towel, Ajax All-Purpose Cleaner and Gumption. This took about 15 minutes because of the acrylic paint which had dried onto the countertop.

When I built this bench with Dad, we went to a proper kitchen-building company on Compton Road and got the pieces cut to order. This was so it all fitted together properly and we didn't have to do anything much to the parts - well, okay, we took a few inches off the feet because it turned out the bench was a little too tall for me. But it's turned out to be a great bench to store my art stuff. And because we got it laminated, it's made it so much easier to clean.

Once it was all cleaned up and I had tossed out a bag of rubbish - yep, another one! - I wiped down everything from the kitchen with an anti-bacterial wipe and looked at the bench. This was a good opportunity to get in and see where I could place the big things, the brushes, the bottles of tiny pegs and other items I used every day. And so, I went and sorted through it all and made sure I worked it all out well, and it was all organised so I could reach my brushes, get to my paint and find my furniture polish as well. 

This took me about 2 hours to get done, and the results were wonderful! 

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