January 05, 2018

Bedroom Wardrobes

Okay! I'm back into the decluttering again this year! And seeing it's been so hot lately, I'm taking it easy too - just like last year.

Last week, I bought myself a 55 litre plastic box - with wheels - from Variety1 at Arndale for just $8.00. And the other day, I sorted all my craft gear into it! I pulled down all of the small boxes, bags and other items I had craft gear crammed into and found that it all fitted into this plastic box! 

How cool is this?

That's not the best news - nope.

When I pushed the new box of goodies up the top, I found it only took up half the space all of that gear used to! 

This left me with a huge amount of space where I could put my spare pillows up there which normally went on the bed during the day! This is a good thing!

So, I've started on working on this room again - my bedroom - in a more permanent way. 

These plastic boxes will make moving house in the future that much more easier; and less messy. I won't be using as many cardboard boxes and when I get into a 3-bedroom house, these boxes will store away into an art room as easily as they do now. 

So, how have the storage boxes helped you sort through your cluttered gear? Or have you found different ways to use them? If you have, share with us all in the comments below.

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