March 28, 2017

Quick Clean-Outs Are Great Too!

Today, my car was leaking coolant all over the car port floor. So, seeing I definitely going absolutely nowhere, and my Dad had an appointment for a few hours (once we let out all the coolant and cleaned it up), I thought to get in and do some serious tidying up.

Yep, this is the quick clean-up!

This is where you get in and tidy the areas of the house you've been meaning to clean out. 

For me, it's the box of shoes next to the front door. It's a red box I won years ago, filled with art equipment and now I put my shoes in it. However, the box has now begun to fall apart and look dreadful; so I emptied out the shoes, threw out whatever I didn't need in it and tossed the box. 

It's a box, I don't need it any longer and it's gone brittle, so out it was tossed! I also went through all the crap on my lounge and found it was mostly just magazines, books and cards from last Christmas I have to put away... I'm so relieved it wasn't crap.

So, with all of that out of the way, last week's newspaper items in the rubbish bag and anything else I don't need in there too, I tied a knot and tossed that in the bin along with the broken-down box. I had also checked the glass of water in the piano and dusted it down (it really needs a good polish, but I don't have enough left over). And then, I sorted through some stuff on the kitchen table, but by that time, I really needed a bottle of water and had begun to neaten up the house more - but Dad was back from his appointment and he was ready to do some serious work on my car.

And... two hours had passed by so quickly. So, do tell! How much can you get done in two hours? 

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