April 27, 2017

Gumtree Nibble!

I got a nibble on an advert on Gumtree! Recently, I scored myself a phone-seat from Browns Plains Life Line Supa Store and replaced the tiny little set of drawers that was overloaded with crap from my life there. Not only did it start my house looking like the era I wanted it to look, but it also meant I had to get rid of the set of drawers. 

So, as soon as I cleaned up the phone-seat and made it at home in its new place, I set to work and cleaned the set of drawers completely. It was a bigger job than I expected, but once I got it done, I took photos and put it up on Gumtree for $15.00. Within 48 hours, I received an email from a lady who asked me if anyone had shown any interest in it... then the next thing I knew I had paused the advert.

Now, my other adverts for my lounge, coffee table and the 80's hat stand haven't moved. Nobody has shown any interest in any of them. So, I'm thinking that the prices for these things are too high. After the 4 weeks is up on the Gumtree adverts for these things, I'll put them back up again, with shorter descriptions and lower prices. 

If I still can't move them after two weeks, I'll get Life Line to collect them... I'm not holding onto these things for any longer than that. I have no use for them and would rather somebody take them away. However, I'd would much rather make some money from them instead. 

In the meantime, I've moved the coffee table and cleaned it up so I can get in and use the nice side table I scored from the Salvo's at Logan Central. Then, today, I'm going to get in and do a good clean out of the living room, so when the time does come to get the lounge out, not much has to be done to move the furniture around to get it out. 

But I am looking forward to finding a second living room chair for my place... once I've sold the lounge, I'll do just that! And it's going to be from a charity store; I'm finding the ones on Gumtree are too expensive. 

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