February 24, 2017

Beds and Mattresses

Beds are the most important things in our lives; and keeping them clean are just as important. I've been working on the Peter Walsh Facebook page - and through his page - to keep my house tidy and my mind focused on what I need to do around my place.

And you know? Over the past few years, I've learned a lot about beds and mattresses - and none of it pretty.

Beds hold onto our dead skin cells - a lot of it from when we sleep. No matter if we sleep in pajamas, underwear or in the nude, our skin cells still end up on our sheets, mattress protectors and on the mattress itself. This is why it's very important to wash our sheets every week - as well as the mattress protector every month - along with cleaning the mattress once a month. 

To clean a mattress you get Bi-Carb Soda, sift it over your mattress and leave it alone for 2 hours. then, get your vacuum cleaner (one which is bagless is good, so you can see how much dirt has been collected) and go over your mattress with it. You'll be surprised how much dirt comes up with your bi-carb soda. I've been doing this for a few months now and it's been great addition to my housework; and it makes your mattress last longer and it's not a chemical either.

Another good thing I've been doing when I change the sheets is to leave my bed alone for the whole day instead of remaking it immediately. The indirect light from the sun helps kill off germs from what's on the mattress and in the room - especially if I haven't been well with a cold. Also, if I've been sick, I go and Glen-20 the bed itself once I know I'm getting better.

So, what have you found works for you in the way of caring for your most important investment: your bed? Leave a comment below and let us all know.

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