February 02, 2017

Helping Mum

Today, I'm helping my Mum clean out a bit. 

She's been struggling with her decluttering for years; and this year she has promised herself to get into it and clean out plenty of stuff to give away or throw out.

Yesterday, she started on a bookcase in her house (it's a big one) and I was proud of her when she was really brutal and put them all in piles of what will stay, what won't and what will go to the craft group next week I attend. 

So, today, I'm going there to pick up more books to take to my group. Those books won't leave the car until Monday - simply because I don't have the space in the house to keep them. But I'm going over there to ask Dad to look at something for me. 

I bought a glass water container with a tap on it yesterday and found that the seal around the glass leaks. So, I'm hoping he can put some waterproofing on the outside to it will stop the water from coming out. Let's hope it works out... if not? Well, it was only $5.00; and not $50.  I can use it for something else decorative around the house... maybe turn it into a terrarium.

So, have you helped somebody declutter? What have you found out about them that you didn't know? How long did it take?  

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