February 22, 2017

Three Steps Forwards, Two Steps Back...

As with anything in life - and any new habit you're starting to do - there will always be a few teething problems.

Like with this blog. 

There's not many people jumping in this place, because they're unsure about what this whole thing is about. 

'A Work In Progress'... it could mean artwork, building a house, the inner workings of somebody's mental state... yep, it could mean anything. But it's about how to go about working on the clutter in your home. And let's face it: I'm not the perfect role model for this either. I have a cluttered home and I'm working on my place as much as you are.

So, when I have a drawback - like I have had recently - it's because I've had personal matters interfere with my life. When this happens, my mindset gets screwed up and so does how my house looks, works and how my decluttering goes on; or doesn't. 

When you do have a week or two where you're wondering exactly how you got to have more crap in your house than you initially thought, sit down with a glass of water or a cup of tea and breath. You're going to be okay. This is what is known as a curve ball - it's a small one compared to what's been tossed in your direction in the past (and what you'll get in the future) and it's one. But breathing through your stress will help in some ways as it'll get your mind to settle down and stop you from panicking.

This week, I'm having a three steps forwards, two steps back kinda week. A neighbour and I had a misunderstanding and she took out her frustrations in such a way, I just don't know where I stand with anyone around my area anymore. And, I feel really out of control of my surroundings right now and so my house has become messy. So, the first thing I have done is fix a few small things around the place that have needed fixing for a long time.
They were the tiniest things, but they needed doing to make my life that much more easier in the tiniest ways. I bought a 1 metre extension cord from Bunnings so my other bedside lamp worked and the rock salt lamp worked too. I find it's the small things that help make the bigger things less important. Sounds a little silly, but for me that kind of thing works so well and helps me get back onto working on me and making myself happy. 

What has been happening around you to make you look to something small to help you stop, breath and get your mind back onto what you feel is the right way of thinking? What was your three steps forward, two steps back moment? 

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